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Martina Vasil, PhD, is Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Kentucky, where she is director of one of the longest-running Orff courses in the nation. She teaches collegiate courses in general music, popular music education, and qualitative research and continues to teach music part-time to children grades preK–6 at Lexington Montessori School. Martina is president of the Association for Popular Music Education, serves on the editorial board of The Orff Echo, and is past president and webmaster for the Kentucky Orff-Schulwerk Association. She certified in Orff Level III, Dalcroze Level II, World Music Drumming Level 1, and Modern Band. Martina has written for various music education research journals and The Orff Echo and published an e-book, The Art of Child’s Play: Bringing Playground Culture into Elementary General Music through F-Flat Books. She is a frequent presenter for the annual AOSA Professional Development Conference and local Orff chapters.

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